Hot Topic: Employment Law

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you must know that there are several laws that govern employment that you should have a proper understanding of. The rules and regulations of employment law varies from country to country. Depending on where you live, you should take a look at the employment law policies.

However, there are a few important aspects of employment law that are applicable everywhere, irrespective of where you live.

Minimum Payments And Wages

Majority of the countries have a set minimum wage that all employees should be paid in order to comply with the law. Minimum wage applies to all workers but there are a few exceptions. These include administrative, executive and professors. Before you want to go ahead with your job, check with the government is the position you are looking to get filled is covered by the employment law in your country or not. Moreover, employment law also governs payment for those who work overtime.


Employment law prohibits all kinds of discrimination against those who work, irrespective of where they work. There should strictly be no kind of discrimination against individuals based on race, gender, their country of origin, disabilities or any other thing. It also applies to job interviews prior to when an individual joins a company. Whenever an interview is conducted, it should be based strictly on the abilities of the person, their knowledge and academic background, their ability to work and no other discriminatory factors should influence the decision of the employer. There are many workplaces that hire people based on their looks- all other things are deemed secondary by them. This is a common practice and thus employers and employees both need to make notes of this type of discrimination as it should be avoided at all costs.

Workplace Safety

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that its employees are given the safest environment to work in. If any employer fails to do this, it could lead to serious prosecution particular if a worker gets injured due to negligence on the employer’s part. There have been many such cases, where companies got sued by workers and eventually got closed because of violating safety laws.

Depending on the kind of work, employers must provide protective clothing, proper fire exits, fire extinguishers and others to its workers. They should also use signs to signal hazardous areas or spillages. Moreover, dangerous items should be removed from the public eye at all costs.  Otherwise, they may have to pull a California HR expert witness to figure out what’s going on.

Company Handbook

A company handbook is something that a lot of employment laws don’t cover in a lot of countries. However, there are some that do and employers and employees should know about it. A company handbook details all those things that are expected from the employees in terms of pay, hours of attendance, conduct, company procedures and other things such as safety. It is vital for workers to be clear on what their responsibilities are to ensure they meet the requirements of their employer.

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