Creating Buzz: An Interview with SEO Expert Tim Schmidt

Our website is all about creative havoc online, and in the process, making a brand stick out above the others in it’s space.

For an expert analysis, we reached out to a Fort Lauderdale SEO expert named Tim Schmidt.  You can follow his company on Twitter right here:  @seoforeveryone.

He shares information about “whats working” in SEO as well as other branding and online marketing tips that you can incorporate in your every day online marketing strategy.

Today we talk about “creating buzz.”  

Tim, thanks for joining us today.

Tim:  You are very welcome, thanks for having me.

Tim, explain to us some of the ideas that you use for your own websites, your clients sites, etc.

Tim:  Gladly.  I think the best way to do this is really take a bullet point approach and cover the basics.  You really can’t do much in SEO unless you have the basics covered, so this may seem elementary, but many people really just don’t get the basics down before going for the home run.

  • Create all relevant social media accounts.  Twitter, G+, YouTube, and Facebook.  Whenever you have a message you want to get across, post it to these channels, and THEN send a press release about your news.  You are creating a nice dialogue with your audience, and further, you let them feel very special – like a VIP, if you will, by giving them the news first.
  • Be Different.  By now, everyone knows the power of video marketing.  It’s pretty much a must if you want to rank your website.  But let’s get past the cookie-cutter, animated videos that people make and get into something that will go VIRAL.  Like this video below that my electronic cigarette company did.

  • Hammer the message home by posting on relevant forums and sharing with industry websites.  It’s as easy as sending an email, posting a “post” or comment.  You can outsource this to someone you find on Elance, Odesk, or another site like that.  When you let everyone else know about the news that just hit, aka “your buzz,” you are giving out the information with the hopes they take to social media to further the legs of the story.  Not only does this help your website SEO, but it also amplifies your message and really spreads its wings, so to speak, online.

Wow, Tim.  Those are some pretty good ideas.  How often do you release something like this?

Tim:  I usually encourage doing it quarterly.  When you try to get a big thing going online too often, you lack the focus and quality in the message, and it won’t have as much steam.  Use a “less is more” approach and really dial in your message.

Tim, thanks for your time today.  You were a big help.

Tim:  My pleasure, I’m always available to help out.

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