Why You Need White Label Marketing for Your Business

Marketing is an integral part of the business –, especially for a new or small business. It can be difficult to get your name out there, and even more challenging to convey what is best for your company through these marketing efforts. As a small business owner, you may have either the initiative or not have the funds to hire an external consultant to handle your marketing and SEO efforts. It is more likely that you will work to create your marketing plan and bring it to fruition.

However, it is essential in many cases to consult an expert because it is not always the best option to completely reinvent the wheel and create a customized marketing solution from scratch. This type of solution can dramatically slow down your marketing time, and you may end up spending too much money on creating these solutions when they exist in other formats (which are often more efficient). Choose white label marketing for your small business.

White label marketing is a type of marketing solution that is a fully-supported product or service made by one corporation but sold by another company. These programs are sold unbranded and can be customized with another brand or logo, allowing customers to associate that product with the reseller. These are more cost-effective and efficient than creating a plan from scratch that may or may not be a waste of money and time. Label marketing solutions are often used by marketing or SEO firms. And while they price a bit more than your homemade solution, they are usually more trustworthy if you do not have this knowledge and skillset.

There are several reasons why you should use white label marketing for your small business. First, it is easy to brand with your company’s logo and identifying traits. White label marketing solutions White Label Marketing Imageare a great way to add new features to your business. As they are ready-made for your business’ image, you will be free from the stress of spending money and time on business activities such as research and development.

Saving time and money is an essential aspect for those with small or new businesses, as budgeting activities are often at the center of discussion. There is a significant financial investment that goes into the development of a brand-new marketing solution. Now, if you or members of your team have the skills and knowledge to fulfill these tasks, you save by merely having an in-house marketing team. However, if you do not, these ready-made resources can save tremendous amounts of time, money and workforce.

White label marketing allows you to focus on the core competency of your business. When building a marketing campaign is beyond the scope of you and your team’s expertise, having a ready-made solution allows you to create a great campaign while focusing on what matters to you – building your business. Look closely at the solution and compare it to any available resources that you may have to decide whether a white label marketing plan is best for you.

SEO and marketing efforts are too often seen as a ‘set it and forget it’ solution to finding customers and retaining their loyalty. However, these campaigns take a lot of work just to plan and let alone both time and financial investment that it makes to maintain their success. Marketing is not only getting your product out there to be seen by your target audience but to keep your reputation and that of your products and services. So, if you do not have skills at the ready, know that there are solutions available to you as a small business proprietor to create a successful marketing campaign in the form of white label solutions.

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Hiring a Top Website Broker

If you have a website that you are thinking about selling, you may want to enlist the services of a website broker. These are specially trained professionals who can help you get top dollar for your website.

The primary role of a website broker is to help you find a qualified buyer for your website or online business. Although it is possible to sell your business on your own, most people find it beneficial to use a broker. This is particularly true if you are selling a high-dollar business that currently is earning a lot of revenue. Here are just a few of the ways that a broker can help:

1. Website valuation. One of the main responsibilities of the broker is to assign a value to your website. They are uniquely qualified to do this for a number of reasons. First, they regularly deal with website sales, which means that they have a lot of experience that they can draw from when determining how much a website is worth.

Making Money
You can make some good coin selling your website if you work with a reputable website broker.

Additionally, because they are not emotionally involved with your website, they can give you a completely unbiased evaluation of what a buyer would be willing to pay. Trying to assign a value to your website yourself can be difficult when you have put a lot of time and effort into building it. Having an unbiased professional evaluate your site can give you a far more accurate estimate of what it is worth.

2. Marketing. A website broker will also market your website on your behalf. Not only will they advertise it through online venues, but they may also reach out to personal contacts that they have developed over the years to see if they can find an interested buyer. Again, this is another benefit of using a broker. Because they regularly work with people who buy and sell websites, they may have an existing connection with a buyer who would be interested in your property. If you try to sell your website yourself, you won’t have this advantage.

Ideally, they will put together a comprehensive marketing package for your site that includes data on past income and sales as well as projections for potential growth. This can help them negotiate the highest possible price for your website.

3. Presenting offers and making the sale. The final job of a broker is to present you with any offers that you receive for your website. If you accept one of these offers, they will then complete the sale for you. Having someone who knows what they are doing take care of all of the paperwork and the transfer of your site can be extremely beneficial. That way, you know that everything is done correctly.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what exactly a website broker is and what they do. Working with a broker is a smart move if you are getting ready to sell your website. They can typically help you get a higher price than you could get selling your site on your own.

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Why I Like SiteGround for Hosting

Web hosting companies are designed to facilitate WordPress websites to efficient results in the form of successfully running websites for the purpose they were created. Web hosting websites are responsible for connecting the websites to the servers and provide space to hold all of its content. A lot of people are in search of the best web hosting companies. Due to rising trends of e-marketing and earning through setting up small businesses online, there is a competition these web hosting companies.

SiteGroundI checked out this website about small business website hosting companies, and ironically, they rated Siteground pretty high.  After reading all the pro’s and con’s of each host they identified and analyzed, I figured I’d give Siteground a chance and see what all the fuss was about.

Each comes with their unique set of features and hosting plans to meet your requirements. Siteground webhosting is one of them- still comparatively better and most preferable than many.

Siteground web hosting promises its 24/7 customer service availability, a full uptime of 99.9% and an uninterrupted internet speed to shun any hindrance from running a webpage smoothly.

This versatile web hosting company allows you to modify your webpage and make it attractive with different applications and plugins. Siteground is a security sensitive web hosting company that fashions different modes of security to make sure your webpage completely shielded from intruders and hackers.

Recorded to have 15000 websites hosted through this companies facilities, siteground has a reputation of never backing off from its offers, instead providing more than expected to keep its clients happy and satisfied.

Some of siteground web hosting features are:

  • Guaranteed uptime.
  • SSH access
  • SSl certificate
  • Zikula
  • Phone support
  • Joomla
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Reseller
  • Python
  • SMTP
  • PHP
  • Online FAQs and much more.

Siteground hosting plans are very popular among its clients for providing too many features, unlimited bandwidth in affordable prices.

  1. Startup hosting plan: starting with $3.99 per month, this start up plan comes with 10 GB web space, unlimited bandwidth, allowing you one website. Servers are Linux based.
  2. GrowBig hosting plan: this costs you only $5.99 per month. This Linux based server comes with 20 GB web space, with unlimited bandwidth allowing you to host a multiple web pages.
  3. GoGeek hosting plan: costs $7.99 per month has unlimited bandwidth with 30 GB web space, allowing multiple websites.


I highly recommend this web hosting company to all those who own online business or planning to setup one. If you are looking for a company that offers highest grade security to keep your web page from getting exploited by hackers or manipulated by viruses, Siteground web hosting is best one for you.


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How to Blow Up Your Business With Social Media

Most people confuse social media with a collection of platforms which are just useful for connecting with friends and family. But social media has recently risen and become brilliant for commercial usage especially if the businessman knows how to exploit this medium which will cost him next to nothing at all. Social media can also be the best possible employee as it never needs a day off and never shrugs its duties.

There are a few ways in which you can make a mark with social media without investing a lot of time in designing a website or hiring a specialist for the purpose.

  • There are many platforms and Facebook and LinkedIn are just two examples. Make sure you are picking the platform which agrees with you the most and can give you the most in return. Your choice also depends largely on the product you are marketing and the audience you are looking to attract. If your purpose is reaching out to the masses, then choose according a social media platform which is widely used in your country.
  • Social media is different from conventional marketing as your main aim is to find people who genuinely want to know more or buy your product and who are interested in the content you have to offer. Through the use of polls and questionnaires you can single out the demographic which responds to you the most.
  • The use of videos and photos matter the most when you are talking about being attractive on various social media platforms. It doesn’t matter how original your content is, if you have nothing pretty to show, you will be given the minimal attention. Especially if you are targeting the younger members of the population.
  • Create brand ambassadors by providing regular customers with the chance to market you and introduce your brand to people they know. For their recommendations they are typically given products, bonuses, or money. It is a cost to be sure but it pays off and gives a personalized approach to the business.
  • Make sure you carry out regular progress surveys as this will help you keep an eye on the followers you are attracting and what content appeals to them the most. This way you can redirect your content to keep up with the popularity and this also allows you timely information on changes that need to be made in the overall marketing strategy.



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Creating Buzz: An Interview with SEO Expert Tim Schmidt

Our website is all about creative havoc online, and in the process, making a brand stick out above the others in it’s space.

For an expert analysis, we reached out to a Fort Lauderdale SEO expert named Tim Schmidt.  You can follow his company on Twitter right here:  @seoforeveryone.

He shares information about “whats working” in SEO as well as other branding and online marketing tips that you can incorporate in your every day online marketing strategy.

Today we talk about “creating buzz.”  

Tim, thanks for joining us today.

Tim:  You are very welcome, thanks for having me.

Tim, explain to us some of the ideas that you use for your own websites, your clients sites, etc.

Tim:  Gladly.  I think the best way to do this is really take a bullet point approach and cover the basics.  You really can’t do much in SEO unless you have the basics covered, so this may seem elementary, but many people really just don’t get the basics down before going for the home run.

  • Create all relevant social media accounts.  Twitter, G+, YouTube, and Facebook.  Whenever you have a message you want to get across, post it to these channels, and THEN send a press release about your news.  You are creating a nice dialogue with your audience, and further, you let them feel very special – like a VIP, if you will, by giving them the news first.
  • Be Different.  By now, everyone knows the power of video marketing.  It’s pretty much a must if you want to rank your website.  But let’s get past the cookie-cutter, animated videos that people make and get into something that will go VIRAL.  Like this video below that my electronic cigarette company did.

  • Hammer the message home by posting on relevant forums and sharing with industry websites.  It’s as easy as sending an email, posting a “post” or comment.  You can outsource this to someone you find on Elance, Odesk, or another site like that.  When you let everyone else know about the news that just hit, aka “your buzz,” you are giving out the information with the hopes they take to social media to further the legs of the story.  Not only does this help your website SEO, but it also amplifies your message and really spreads its wings, so to speak, online.

Wow, Tim.  Those are some pretty good ideas.  How often do you release something like this?

Tim:  I usually encourage doing it quarterly.  When you try to get a big thing going online too often, you lack the focus and quality in the message, and it won’t have as much steam.  Use a “less is more” approach and really dial in your message.

Tim, thanks for your time today.  You were a big help.

Tim:  My pleasure, I’m always available to help out.

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Hot Topic: Employment Law

Whether you are an employer or an employee, you must know that there are several laws that govern employment that you should have a proper understanding of. The rules and regulations of employment law varies from country to country. Depending on where you live, you should take a look at the employment law policies.

However, there are a few important aspects of employment law that are applicable everywhere, irrespective of where you live.

Minimum Payments And Wages

Majority of the countries have a set minimum wage that all employees should be paid in order to comply with the law. Minimum wage applies to all workers but there are a few exceptions. These include administrative, executive and professors. Before you want to go ahead with your job, check with the government is the position you are looking to get filled is covered by the employment law in your country or not. Moreover, employment law also governs payment for those who work overtime.


Employment law prohibits all kinds of discrimination against those who work, irrespective of where they work. There should strictly be no kind of discrimination against individuals based on race, gender, their country of origin, disabilities or any other thing. It also applies to job interviews prior to when an individual joins a company. Whenever an interview is conducted, it should be based strictly on the abilities of the person, their knowledge and academic background, their ability to work and no other discriminatory factors should influence the decision of the employer. There are many workplaces that hire people based on their looks- all other things are deemed secondary by them. This is a common practice and thus employers and employees both need to make notes of this type of discrimination as it should be avoided at all costs.

Workplace Safety

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that its employees are given the safest environment to work in. If any employer fails to do this, it could lead to serious prosecution particular if a worker gets injured due to negligence on the employer’s part. There have been many such cases, where companies got sued by workers and eventually got closed because of violating safety laws.

Depending on the kind of work, employers must provide protective clothing, proper fire exits, fire extinguishers and others to its workers. They should also use signs to signal hazardous areas or spillages. Moreover, dangerous items should be removed from the public eye at all costs.  Otherwise, they may have to pull a California HR expert witness to figure out what’s going on.

Company Handbook

A company handbook is something that a lot of employment laws don’t cover in a lot of countries. However, there are some that do and employers and employees should know about it. A company handbook details all those things that are expected from the employees in terms of pay, hours of attendance, conduct, company procedures and other things such as safety. It is vital for workers to be clear on what their responsibilities are to ensure they meet the requirements of their employer.

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